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How our luxury clients will remain unaffected by the NAR ruling

Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to innovating the way homes are bought and sold.

I initiated this journey by founding a marketing firm, Aeriallook, aimed at enhancing the home viewing experience for buyers. This endeavor led to a more streamlined process for viewing homes, significantly cutting down on the resources required by traditional models.

Leveraging the insights and data gathered from assisting some of the world’s leading builders, developers, and real estate brokerages in marketing and selling properties online, we developed a unique process. This process precisely retargets active homebuyers based on their search criteria, such as price point and location, with relevant real estate listings.

This approach led to the creation of POCKETLISTING, a key initiative in my mission to innovate the real estate industry and designed to capitalize on our direct access to potential buyers. We chose to specialize in the luxury market, aiming to create a niche offering that allows for scalability without compromising on quality—only enhancing it.

From the outset, we adopted a reduced fee structure, recognizing the imbalance in the value exchange among buyers, sellers, and agents. Our model features salaried agents who serve as concierges for both buyers and sellers. Coupled with our proactive approach of notifying potential buyers about your property before they discover it independently, our method ensures that buyers and sellers in the luxury market remain unaffected by the NAR’s ruling, which prohibits listing agents from compensating buyer’s agents. This strategy facilitates a seamless buying and selling experience, regardless of external regulatory changes.

Our approach of vertically integrating marketing and sales operations enables us to lower fees while providing an unparalleled customer experience. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive feedback from our clients across luxury markets in both the US and Dubai.

I am eager for the opportunity to EARN your business and encourage you to delve deeper into our business model, especially if you’re considering selling one of your properties.

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