Robert Koenekamp 

CEO, Pocketlisting



Technology is changing the way we do business every day. Why should the business of Real Estate be any different?


The successes of a company I launched 6 years ago called, allowed me to create, test, and successfully prove the methods I would later implement at POCKETLISTING.


Let me explain how...

Aeriallook utilizes 3D, VR, Drone and video technologies to enhance the user experience for home buyers. We felt the old way of viewing homes for sale, still photos, was outdated; it no longer served its purpose.













Aeirallook's immersive 3D and video tours allow users from all over the world to transport to your property from their internet-connected devices and experience the physical space as if they are actually there.

After convincing large Real Estate organizations they needed to do something different to set their brand apart in a technology-driven marketplace, our service and products began to be implemented by large brokerage firms, independent brokers, home builders and developers across the globe.

In order to add additional value to our clients, we began researching and testing the best ways to drive the most interaction with their listings that utilized our service. This led our team to uncover and create effective strategies that began to help top brokers sell their homes within days.

The properties were always posted on the MLS, but we were able to achieve multiple offer situations with no buyer’s agent, meaning our marketing reached the buyer without the use of the MLS or a buyer’s agent. 

We call this “reaching home buyers on a granular level” or in simple terms “go direct”.

POCKETLISTING shares the same effective strategies with the general public, that were utilized at Aeriallook to help brokers and builders around the world sell homes.

Our Methods are simple and encompass human nature.

When buyers are searching for a new home, they visit certain sites that indicate what type of home, the price and the area they are interested in.

Our proprietary access to this data enables us to know who they are and target them with ads for your home.

We capture the attention of home buyers by showing them a home that meets their criteria and allows them to explore the home, neighborhood and lifestyle through immersive 3D/VR and video experiences.

At this point, we simply provided a qualified buyer with convenient, on-demand access to more information than other listings on the market they viewed, attracting them to our listings first. (An informed buyer is the best buyer and is less reliant on others, outside the source, for information and closing the deal.)

The success of our methods proves the concept that technology and our proprietary methods can sell homes faster and more efficiently than traditional methods that charge higher commissions.

How do we reduce New Home Sales Commissions?

We streamline the buying and selling process to remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

This is being accomplished by:

1. Providing immersive and informative experiences that capture the attention of new home buyers and provide all the information they need in one place, on-demand.

2. Accessing buyers directly so new home builders don’t have to rely on the brokerage firm or a buyer’s agent to find your homes. This helps further reduce costs by potentially removing the need to pay a buyer’s agent.

3. Hiring licensed sales associates that work on salary and not commissions.

4. Training our AI, Galia, to provide new home buyers and sellers answers to their questions; checklists of what is needed during the process; and all the documents and knowledge required to complete a real estate transaction… any time of any day.

5. Creating an online platform for off-market, new construction homes for sale. All listings include 3D, video, lifestyle information and more, effectively removing the reliance on the MLS.

Let Our Technology Work For You