US Realtors can now get paid 2.5-4% commissions with a new program - POCKETLISTING

US Realtors can now get paid 2.5-4% commissions with a new program

In the wake of recent regulatory changes reshaping the landscape of real estate commissions in the United States, realtors find themselves at a pivotal juncture. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement, which challenges traditional commission structures, prompts a reevaluation of how realtors can sustain and even enhance their professional viability and income. Amidst this transformation, an unprecedented opportunity emerges for U.S. realtors through POCKETLISTNG, a program designed to bridge American investors with the thriving real estate market of Dubai.

Dubai: A Land of Opportunity

POCKETLISTING creates a bridge for US realtors and investors to safely capitalize on one of the fastest growing markets in the world, Dubai.

Dubai’s real estate sector is not only among the fastest-growing worldwide but also ranks as one of the most profitable. The city’s robust economy and the real estate market’s lucrative nature have been consistently highlighted through meticulous data analysis over the last decade. POCKETLISTNG has been at the forefront of selling off-plan real estate to international investors since 2018, firmly establishing itself as a conduit for U.S. investors looking to capitalize on these opportunities.

A New Horizon with POCKETLISTNG

POCKETLISTNG stands uniquely positioned to empower U.S. realtors in this new environment. Through exclusive partnerships with some of the largest developers in Dubai, POCKETLISTNG offers realtors the ability to present their clients with premier investment opportunities. This initiative not only diversifies the portfolio of U.S. investors but also opens a new revenue stream for realtors, allowing them to thrive despite the domestic market’s shifting dynamics.

The Value Proposition for Realtors

The program offers a compelling value proposition for U.S. realtors affected by the NAR ruling. With the traditional commission model under scrutiny, the need for alternative income avenues has never been more pronounced. POCKETLISTNG provides this alternative by enabling realtors to engage with a high-growth, high-profit market beyond the U.S. borders, where their expertise and network can yield significant returns.

Leveraging Local Expertise and Data-Driven Insights

At the heart of POCKETLISTNG’s success is a deep-rooted reliance on data analysis and local market expertise. Our agents on the ground in Dubai bring invaluable insights and a trustworthy environment for investment. This blend of local knowledge and comprehensive data analysis ensures that U.S. investors, guided by their trusted realtors, can make informed decisions and capitalize on what is arguably one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets.

The Path Forward

For U.S. realtors looking to navigate the post-NAR ruling landscape successfully, POCKETLISTNG presents a strategic and forward-thinking option. By expanding their offering to include Dubai’s real estate market, realtors not only adapt to the changing commission structures but also position themselves as pioneers in international real estate investment. This adaptability and foresight will be crucial in sustaining and growing their businesses in the years to come.

Join Us

We invite U.S. realtors to explore this golden opportunity with POCKETLISTNG. By leveraging Dubai’s thriving market, realtors can ensure a prosperous and resilient future, regardless of the evolving U.S. real estate landscape. With POCKETLISTNG, the world is not just your oyster; it’s a thriving marketplace ripe with potential.

In embracing Dubai’s dynamic market through POCKETLISTNG, U.S. realtors open the door to a new era of opportunities, growth, and profitability. This partnership not only signifies a shift in how real estate professionals approach their careers but also aligns with a global perspective on investment and wealth generation. Join us as we forge a new path in real estate, one investment at a time.

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