To reduce sales commissions and days on market for 7 remaining units located at the Saint.  


Our proven strategies are more effective than realtors charging higher commissions.

  • Why 1%? We are not a Discount Broker. Our proven strategies have given us the opportunity to reduce cost to the builder/developer so they can focus their budget on their core business.  

  • Core Values of a Realtor that justify their 6%: Network / Contacts, Experience, Reputation. This ultimately results in Market Outreach and Lead Qualification. POCKETLISTING reaches the qualified lead directly, thereby not requiring blind outreach or qualification that real estate agents rely on to sell homes. 

1. List on the MLS for 1%.


2. Create more effective marketing collateral at no cost to the developer.

-Lifestyle Video

-Video of Souheil discussing the homes and features. We will also break the footage up in clips to be used throughout the 3D tour. Enabling Souheil to virtually sell the home! EXAMPLE

-3D tours of each unit

-Virtually Staged Photos

-Drone Video and Photos 


3. Target our proprietary database of qualified real-time home buyers. No other agent or firm can offer this strategy because they do not have access to the data that we create from Aeriallook.com. 


4. Utilize Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to target consumers currently buying and most likely to buy. 

-Real-time buyers

-We will GEO locate potential buyers via Aeriallook's FB page due to FB regulations that do not allow targeting of real estate related ads by Real Estate Brokerages and agents. (Neighborhoods, office buildings, events, venues, etc.) 

-We will target executives, on LinkedIn, at local tech companies that can afford to purchase a unit at the Saint. 


5. Post to Instagram, FB, & LinkedIn 3 times per week.


6. Host 2 events tailored to wealthy demographics.

-Two types of effective events that attract consumers who can afford to purchase your townhomes are Art shows & Charities. We will brainstorm with local stakeholders to create an effective event encompassing this strategy. 


7. Feature an amenity section on the website that includes interior amenities  (smart home, sound reduction, etc) and exterior amenities (gym membership,  yoga, dancing, dog walking, etc.). 



1% Listing Fee

Save 1.5-4% on every sale.

buyer data 

Proprietary access to current home buyers, their price point and the location they are searching. Helping your home receive more views from qualified buyers.


Our in-house content creation team allows us to provide you the latest marketing collateral at no cost. 


  • MLS

  • Real-Time Buyers 

  • Mover/Seller Data 

  • 21K+ Active-Investors 

  • Social Media 

  • Asia




When buyers are searching for a home they are searching for a new lifestyle.  

Developers lose valuable sales opportunities when the lifestyle is not conveyed to the buyer. 

In addition to location, it is important that the buyer can imagine themselves living in their new home. 

For example, a bachelor would enjoy bringing a woman upstairs after a night out to have a nightcap in his bar/lounge area outside his master bedroom overlooking downtown. 

These types of lifestyle actions, tailored to demographics and captured in video and photos, evoke a sense of imagination which leads to sales. 




Miami, Palm Beach, Raleigh, Washington, DC