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Could a possible decline in US luxury real estate worry the Middle East property market?

We are all aware that the global real estate industry is not immune to market shocks and that economic difficulties, conflicts, and other geopolitical variables all have an impact on it. As the...


With the Recent News on Inflation, Should You Still Buy a Home?

Due to the fact that you are able to lock in what is likely to be your largest monthly payment (your mortgage), homeownership has historically been regarded as an excellent way to protect oneself...

Dubai’s New Visa Options & The Boost to Luxury Real Estate Industry

The emirate of Dubai is now more accessible to a larger audience than it has ever been thanks to a recent influx of new visa possibilities, let’s take a look at those alternatives from the perspective...

Wealthy Buyers Flock to Dubai as Luxury Home Market Expands

Dubai real estate is seeing a surge in demand because to the government's effective response to the epidemic and its relaxed immigration procedures, which have encouraged more international buyers to...

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POCKETLISTING was founded to remove the inefficiencies within the traditional real estate model by implementing technology to streamline processes and reduce overhead.

My goal is to help builders and developers like you leverage our teams in-depth experience marketing and selling new developments while enhancing your brand and creating additional profit centers.

Delivering superior broker representation.

-Robert Koenekamp, Founder & CEO