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Moving on out: Relocating becomes widespread trend following pandemic

The past seven months challenged Americans temporarily robbing us of beloved freedoms and forcing us to adapt to an entirely new existence. Yet, strangely enough, COVID-19 and its related consequences gifted us the chance to slow down, spend more time with loved ones, and reflect on what is truly important. Many now realize they do not have to stay trapped in frantic daily patterns and can make quality changes. Living in crowded, overpopulated cities does not have to be your reality. Relocating to a quieter town may be just what the doctor ordered to recover from the pandemic and transform your life. But

it is important to consider how your coveted oasis will rebound from the effects of the past year.

Smart places to settle down

Urbanites are on the move. United Van Lines and Mayflower companies reported 1,000 moves from New York City from March to early August of 2020. North Carolina and Texas made up 16 percent of the relocation sites as reported in an article by The New York Post. Cities with low density populations and high-quality workforces will bounce back the quickest according to a study by Moody Analytics. Having a solid local industry shown to withstand time will play an important factor as well. Overall, the Southeast is predicted to experience a faster, better resurgence than much of the US. In a recent top 10 Forbes list, both Raleigh, North Carolina, and sister city Durham hit all the marks for strong recovery from COVID-19. The vast high-tech industry and outstanding universities combined with a lower populace help anchor the area and ensure future growth. Other business such as healthcare, finance, insurance, life sciences, and government add to the stability.

An affordable, wise real estate investment

According to national brokerage firm Redfin, more than 25 percent of their website users searched for homes outside their current locations indicating a desire to move. Overall, home prices have remained steady in the US and seem unaffected by COVID-19. Raleigh-Durham real estate proves to be an intelligent investment as one of the most desired areas. North Carolina boasts the highest rate of American in-migration. Home prices in Raleigh have risen over 28 percent since 2015 and this trend will continue according to

House values are predicted to increase by 3.5 percent this year despite downturn in other areas. Strong market value along with low mortgage rates have made Raleigh-Durham one of the hottest markets in the South.

All the benefits without the hassles

In addition to good financial sense, Raleigh provides an ideal lifestyle with many qualities comparable to big cities. Outdoor activities play a significant role in the daily life of residents. There are 200 parks offering an array of activities from walking trails and historical monuments to community classes and sports. Outdoor farmers markets, concerts, and other special events are scheduled year-round with the city’s fair weather. You can visit the art, history, natural science, and cultural museums located throughout Raleigh-Durham. Residents also enjoy the benefits of nearby colleges and universities allowing access to

libraries, learning opportunities, and sporting events. Dining options ranges from five-star, refined restaurants to beloved regional dives. Staple department stores as well as specialty boutiques can be found locally. The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is conveniently located within the city limits. Overall, the town bestows a more leisurely, yet convenient way of life making it very attractive to those seeking a change.

Neighborhoods to satisfy for every taste

Raleigh-Durham has diverse options for relocation from fashionable urban settings to traditional family neighborhoods.

If you still crave living in the heart of the city, the opulent townhouses The Saint might be the perfect fit for you. Each four-story unit features top city-dweller luxuries including a private elevator and covered terrace, and spacious two-car garage. The finest details are found throughout the residence including handsome hardwood flooring, stunning kitchen cabinetry and appliances, and top-notch bathroom details. The Saint’s location puts you in the center of the city only a short walk to the highest-rated restaurants, music venues, hair salons, fitness centers, and shopping.

If quiet intimacy is what you seek, consider the stately Hamptons. Located less than 40 minutes outside of Raleigh-Durham, the upscale community consists of traditional Southern estate homes with modern touches each on over an acre of land. You can choose an exquisite house already awaiting your arrival or select a lot and plan your ultimate dream home.

Looking for a combination of both neighborhoods? Beautiful Eden Ridge is centrally located in Six Forks area of Raleigh. This rare walkable community has large, well-appointed, and stylish family homes nearby your every need including recreation, shopping, and entertainment.

Rethinking your future might just be your best decision yet

Raleigh-Durham seems to have something for everyone and offers a most desirable lifestyle. If relocating to this charming city interests you, be sure to do thorough research on the different neighborhoods to find your perfect sanctuary. Growing in popularity, Raleigh-Durham will remain a solid investment for both you and your wallet for years to come with such a strong economic forecast and future.

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