Technology is changing the way we do business every day. Why should the business of Real Estate be any different? 


We utilize technology to reduce our overhead and increase efficiency so we can reduce the commissions you pay when you sell your home.


Our listing fee is 1% and in addition to listing your home on the MLS,  we utilize our proprietary methods to target current home buyers direct, based on price point, with the advertising of your home. This increases the probability of buyers seeing your home before others on the market and reduces the need for a buyer to rely on the MLS or a buyers agent to find your home.


Our in house content creation team transforms your home into an immersive experience that provides buyers from all over the world instant access to your listing 24/7. Property videos, 3D/VR Walkthroughs, and Neighborhood Profiles attract buyers to our listings before others that only incorporate still photography. 






  • We evaluate your property to determine a listing price and create a buyer persona. 


  • Our 3D walkthroughs and video profiles allow buyers On-Demand Access to your home 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. 


  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning we target our proprietary database of current home buyers with ads of your home so they see your home first.



  • Our 1% listing fee, experiential marketing and AI-Driven retargeting enables you to sell your home without the high commissions associated with the traditional brokerage model.


"Most of the industry still relies solely on photos which allow our listings to stand out because we offer a better User Experience, On-Demand access, and more information."


  • Buyers who visit a 3D/VR tour are 95% more likely to call.

  • Homes w/3D sell on average 10 days faster and for $50,100 more. 


Take a 3D Tour 


  • Listings with Drone Photos receive 403% more views.

  • Homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images.


Neighborhood profiles showcase to potential buyers valuable information about the surrounding area of your home. 


Buyers are attracted to neighborhood information and providing this information attracts them to our listings. 


Galia is an artificial intelligence we are developing to help home buyers and sellers throughout the entire buying and selling process. 


Galia will provide buyers and sellers answers to their questions; checklists of what is needed during the process; and all the documents and knowledge required to complete a real estate transaction… any time of any day. 


By combining technology with our industry experience and knowledge, in the future, we will help you sell your home for 0%

Let Our Technology Work For You