a rare


A journey through art, history, and innovation.

a rare


A journey through art, history, and innovation.

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Luxury & Legacy

**SOLD** Nestled within the heart of McLean, Virginia, is a dwelling that doesn’t merely serve as a home, but as a canvas painted with architectural marvel and the passion of eras gone by. Inspired profoundly by the 20th-century modernists Piet Mondrian and Frank Wright, this residence stands as a luminous embodiment of modern art seamlessly melded with groundbreaking architecture.

The builder and designer, didn’t just construct a home; they breathed life into a masterpiece. It was during their profound admiration for the Dutch art movement, De Stijl, that the muse for this home was conceived. Piet Mondrian’s artistic vision is not just mirrored but vividly reincarnated through this property’s striking design.

As you approach this residence, asymmetric lines draw your gaze, immediately hinting at the untraditional elegance that lies within. Stepping through its grand entrance, one is greeted by a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed circular steel staircase, as much a statement of art as it is of function. Interior and exterior accents, clad in the ancient Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban siding, radiates both history and contemporaneity in a rare juxtaposition.

The builder’s commitment to sustainability and homage to nature is evident throughout the property. Two trees, once standing tall on the same land, have been masterfully salvaged and repurposed. Their majesty is relived through the fireplace mantle, evocative accent walls, an arresting living room ceiling, and the authentic hardwood floors, crafting an uninterrupted narrative from nature to nurture.

A testament to history, a memorial wall just off the kitchen has been lovingly curated from salvaged 100 year old bick. Displayed upon it is a Civil War-era kettle, excavated from the very grounds of the estate. This wall, juxtaposed beside the heart of the home – the kitchen, bridges epochs, reminding dwellers and guests of the timeless nature of the land they stand upon.

For those who seek modernity, 16 state-of-the-art TVs merge to form an expansive screen covering an entire wall, promising an unrivaled entertainment experience, both for quiet evenings and jubilant gatherings.

No luxury has been spared in the private quarters either. The primary bathroom, inspired by the world’s most luxurious spas, paired with an in-home sauna, assures an everyday escape into tranquility.

In the end, this home in McLean is not merely a place to reside. It is a journey through art, history, and innovation, promising a life curated amidst luxury, sustainability, and legacy. Welcome to the epitome of architectural grandeur.

Unmatched Design


one of a kind

This astonishing 10-Ton steel sculpture was assembled on-site, air lifted and then carefully fitted into its space like a puzzle. 

mondrian inspired

Inspired by Piet Mondrian, same artist that inspired world class designer Yves Saint Laurent, this residence stands as a tribute to his legacy. As you navigate through this space, you’ll find yourself subtly enveloped by the spirit of his abstract brilliance.

world class amenities

Step into your voice and temperature controlled Kohler DTV+ shower running through vibrant titanium fixtures, a two sets of rainfall shower feature, 3-body jets, and hand held system. 

Elevated entertaining

From your in-home sauna to 16 state-of-the-art TVs that merge to form an expansive screen covering an entire wall, your guests will receive an unparalleled entertainment experience. 

Exclusivity + Opulence  

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